WUST features cutting-edge research in areas such as metallurgy, materials, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and control technology. It is the home of 29 research centers accredited by the Central Government of China, Hubei Provincial Government, and Wuhan Municipal Government.

Since 2016 WUST faculty have undertaken 240 research projects sponsored by national research foundations of strategic importance. These projects have resulted in over 70 awards granted by governments at the national or ministerial/provincial level and 2,400 publications indexed by SCI, EI and CPCI-S. Our faculty’s most notable achievements are the 13 National Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement and 5 National Awards for Technological Innovation, the highest research prizes in China recognized annually by the Central Government of China since 2007.

State Key Laboratory of Refractories and Metallurgy

National-provincial Joint Engineering Research Center of High Temperature Materials and Lining Technology

Key Laboratory for Ferrous Metallurgy and Resources Utilization, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory for Metallurgy Equipment and Control Units, Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center for Metallurgical Automation and Measurement Technology, Ministry of Education

National Key Laboratory of Environmental Protection for Mining and Metallurgy Resources Utilization and Pollution Control

Key Laboratory of Rich Media Digital Publishing Content Organization and Knowledge Service (Participation)

Hubei Key Laboratory of High Temperature Ceramics and Refractories

Hubei Key Laboratory for Ferrous Metallurgic New Technologies

Hubei Key Laboratory for Mechanical Transmission and Manufacturing Engineering

Hubei Key Laboratory for Coal Conversion and New Carbon Materials

Hubei Key Laboratory for Efficient Utilization and Angglomeration of Metallurgical Mineral Resources

Hubei Key Laboratory for Systems Science in Metallurgical Processes

Hubei Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing and Real-Time Industrial System

Hubei Key Laboratory of Occupational Hazard Identification and Control

Hubei Engineering Research Center of High Temperature Materials and Lining Technology

Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center of Shale Vanadium Resource Efficient and Clean Utilization

Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center of High-performance Steel Welding Material

Hubei Research Center of Industrial Safety Engineering Technology

Hubei Engineering Research Center of Used Metallurgical Resources Technology

International Scientific and Technology Cooperation Base for Advanced Iron and Steel Materials and Manufacturing Process

Hubei International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Refractory and Metallurgy

Hubei International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Ferrovanadium Resources Efficient Utilization

Hubei Research Institute of Ideology Construction

Hubei Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Research Center

Hubei Research Center for Industrial Policy and Management

Hubei Research Center for Non-profit Organizations

Wuhan Engineering  Research Center for Refractories and High-Temperature Ceramic Technology

Wuhan Engineering Technology Research Center of Iron and Steel Metallurgy Technology

International Research Institute for Iron and Steel Technology

Academy of Green Manufacturing Engineering

Research Institute of Big Data Science and Engineering

Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems(IRIS)

Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Information Fusion

Research Center for Service Science and Engineering

New Rural Construction Research Center

Research Center of Ideological Security

Research Center of Environmental Pollution Green Control and Remediation Technology

Research Institute of Precision Manufacturing

Research Center of Ultrafast Spintronics

Research Center of Green and Intelligent Coal Chemical Engineering Technology



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